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Stewards of the Catskills

Photo credit: Jim Bouton

The Catskill 3500 Club was founded in 1962, to foster interest in hiking in the Catskills. Membership is open to anyone who has climbed on foot each of the 35 Catskill peaks above 3500 feet in elevation.

Anyone wanting to become a member has to climb all 35 Catskill High Peaks and, (in a departure from the requirements of most other hiking clubs), climb Slide, Blackhead, Balsam and Panther mountains again in winter, which is defined by the Club as the period from December 21 thru March 21, inclusive.

Those who aspire to membership are invited to join the club as aspirants and to participate in the hikes the club regularly schedules to all 35 peaks in all seasons.

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Guests are welcome to download 1 copy, but we request that if you intend to continue hiking with the club, you should join.

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