Adopt a Trailhead

The Catskill 3500 Club collaborates with the NYDEC to promote Leave No Trace principles

Adopt a Trailhead

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Watch a video overview of the program.

This summer the 3500 Club is beginning a collaboration with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation through their newly initiated "Adopt a Trailhead" program. The program focuses on engaging with visitors to promote the Leave No Trace (LNT) principles, share relevant regulations, and communicate other pertinent information, in order to improve the sustainability of the parks’ lands and to promote safe hiking. More information on the DEC program is here.

We are looking for members and aspirants (those who are starting their journey to hike the 37) to join the 3500 Trailhead Steward Program. Stewards will be at the Slide Mountain trailhead (on CR-47), weekends and holidays, starting this year on the Memorial Day weekend through the Columbus Day weekend. To make this program successful, we are calling upon our volunteers to share their knowledge and experience with trailhead visitors. Volunteers should commit to at least two days during the season. These days can be two consecutive days, or they can be single days on different weekends.

Trailhead Steward volunteer days count towards the Club Service Award.

Please email Lourdes: to confirm your training participation and reserve your volunteer dates using the following link: Catskills Club 3500: 3500 Trailhead Steward Program Schedule.