Parking Guidelines for Winter access to 3500' peaks

This is to the best of our knowledge. No guarantees. You should NEVER park on a road. You should NEVER park in the actual snow plow turn around if signs restrict it. In any case, always put yourself in the driver's place. He wants to help you, you want to park, where is the best place to put your vehicle so we can all get along? There is no guarantee these lots will be plowed out when YOU arrive. Always have a shovel in your vehicle. Comments and updates welcome.

"S" - Plowed by local towns/county snow plows. More likely to get plowed sooner.
"D" - Plowed by DEC. Not always plowed in a timely manner.

Note - Lexington has just passed a local ordinance forbidding parking on town roads 11/15 - 4/1. It should be common sense, but you have been warned.

Balsam Lake Mill Brook Road - "D"
Beaver Kill - Closed
Big Indian Rt. 47 Biscuit Brook - "S"

See also Doubletop for Seager
Kaaterskill High Peak Platte Clove Rd. - "D"
Graham Same as Balsam Lake
Balsam Rider Hollow - "D"
McKenley Hollow - "D"
Windham High Peak Peck Road - "S"
Rt 23. - "D"
Doubletop Seager - "S"
Hunter Spruceton - 2 lots - "D" - Do not park at the end!
214 Devil's Path - "D"
Becker Hollow - "D"
Slide Cty. Rt. 47 - "D"
Wittenberg Woodland Valley - "D"
Bearpen North End of Cty. Rt. 3 - "S" - Obey signs!
Ski Run - Not Plowed?
Sugarloaf Roaring Brook - Not Plowed?
End of Mink Hollow - "S"
North Dome Shaft Rd. Do not park on Shaft Road, access to P.A. Limited.
Devil's Path - "D"
Halcott Rt. 42. - "S" / "D" ?
Peekamoose Cty. Rt. 42 - "D"
Denning - "S"
Blackhead Big Hollow Road - "S" - Trailhead is NOT PLOWED
Thomas Cole Barnum Hollow - "S"
Panther Cty. Rt. 47 - "D"
Fox Hollow - "D"
Friday Moon Haw Rd - "S"
Black Dome See Blackhead
Twin See Sugarloaf
Prediger Road - "S"
Cornell See Wittenburg
Indian Head See Twin
Vly See Bearpen
Leavitt (SW Hunter) See Hunter
Eagle See Doubletop
Rusk See Hunter
Balsam Cap See Friday
Sherrill See North Dome
West Kill See Hunter
Plateau See Hunter / Sugarloaf
Fir See Big Indian
Table See Peekamoose
Lone See Peekamoose
Rocky See Peekamoose