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The Canister

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The online Newsletter is for the benefit of members and aspirants.

Guests are welcome to download 1 copy, but we request that if you intend to continue hiking with the club, you should join.

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Notice: The Canister is going to electronic delivery in Summer 2011

Over the last several years many of our members have asked if the Canister could be made available electronically. This prompted the club to experiment with posting the Canister on the club website to make it available to all. Since this has proven quite successful and in order to reduce production and mailing costs as well as to save a few trees we have decided to make electronic availability the default delivery mechanism for the club newsletter. Several members have however stated their strong preference for regular delivery of a paper copy of the Canister. In order to accommodate these folks we will continue to mail Canisters to all members and aspirants who request it. Please send such requests to Dave White either by email (ccswhite [at] or regular mail (28 Mulberry Street, Clinton NY 13323-1541).

The planned switchover to electronic availability will be for the Summer 2011 issue of the Canister. If you wish to continue to receive a paper copy of the Canister after that please contact Dave White.

Click here for Older Canisters

If you would like to order a CD of all the Old Canisters, contact David White.

About the Canister

The Canister is a quarterly newsletter published by the Catskill 3500 Club which includes the Club’s hiking schedule in addition to news and other information about the Catskills, the Club, and its members.

Each issue typically includes a lead article describing a hiking adventure as submitted by a Club member, a list of new members, and important developments, governmental and otherwise, that relate to the Catskill Park.

The Canister editor is always pleased to receive original articles of less than 1100 words that have not been published elsewhere, tidbits about Club members, and other information about the Catskill Mountains. Please use the form below to submit such articles.

If you are interested in submitting an article for the Canister, please contact the editor at:

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