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Trail work taking garbage outTrail worker picking up litter

The Catskill 3500 Club advocates for the interests of hikers in the Catskills, lobbying for environmental issues that impact the Catskill Forest Preserve including expanding the amount of Forest Preserve designated as wilderness, for example.

In recent years the Club has also begun to take a more active stewardship role, helping to raise money for construction and maintenance efforts and land purchases.

The Club is an active organizational member of the NY - NJ Trail Conference and its members are active in many aspects of Catskill Conservation including trail and lean-to maintainers.


Stewardship Committee Recommendations

Other Stewardship Recommendations

Current Issues

Any member who is interested in joining the Conservation Committee, contact Carol White,, for information.

Carol has contributed a number of articles recently. See also her column in the Canister.

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