Winter Weekend, Annual Dinner and Wilderness First Aid

Winter Weekend

[2021 TBD]

The Catskill 3500 Club hosts an annual Winter Weekend every January to bring together all levels of hikers – those new to winter hiking to very experienced outdoors people – to enjoy, learn and appreciate the Catskill Mountains. Hikes and bushwhacks are offered to a variety of peaks, including the four required winter ones. Information on next year’s weekend will be posted in the fall.

Annual Dinner

[2020 TBD]

Dear Members and Aspirants,

As much as we want to celebrate the achievements of our new 3500 Club members and winter finishers and share camaraderie with friends, old and new, at our Club Dinner on April 18th, we will be postponing the annual 3500 Club Dinner. Our priority is the health of all members, guests and staff.

Following public health guidance in regards to COVID-19, the Board has decided that we cannot take the risk of such a large public gathering as the transmission of the virus is spreading so rapidly. We hope to have the dinner in the summer or early fall and will update as things develop. For those of you who have already sent in checks, we will shred any checks we have received.

Recent finishers, we hope to be able to present your certificates at the rescheduled dinner or be in touch with Dave White to have your certificate mailed to you.

Stay safe out there everyone.

Wilderness First Aid

[2020 TBD]

We are sorry to report that the WFA Class scheduled for April 25-26 has been postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

We will notify you when the course has been rescheduled, but will assume that it will be a minimum of 3 months before rescheduling can be considered.